Arthritis and glucosamine

Arthritis and Glucosamine(Live Society) Over the years, a debate on arthritis and glucosamine as its cure is on. Due to the advancements in the medical field, people are now able to live better and more comfortable lives while suffering from some chronic conditions.

Some of these conditions include arthritis and glucosamine is said to be beneficial in treating this condition. Glucosamine is better known as glucosamine sulfate, hydrochlide or chitosamine. This is a natural substance found within the body and is produced from glucose and glutamine which is an amino acid.

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What are Goji Berries?

Goji berries(Live Society) Goji Berries, also known as Wolf berries, are found in several places around the world. They can be found in very temperate areas more often around the Himalayan regions. The Goji berry grows on a tree very similar to an evergreen tree and is most often found dried or shriveled. Herbalists in China as well as Tibet and India have used the Goji berry to aid in healthy function of many of the body systems.

The berries have been used for better eyesight, aid in functions of the liver, to boost the immune system, help with circulation, the Gogi berry also promotes longevity and has also been known to improve fertility as well as sexual function in both men and women.

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Vitamins For Health

Vitamins for health We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential for our good health. But now many researches have been showing that if you end up taking too many vitamins and minerals you can actually reverse the benefits.

Many people have started taking lots of supplements to keep themselves away from developing the risks of many illnesses and diseases like cancer.

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Benefits of glucosamine

benefits of glucosamine(Live Society) Latest researches have shown many health benefits of glucosamine, especially in old age. As people grow older they are likely to develop aches and pains around the joints. This can be around the knees. The joints such as the knees are surrounded and protected with a fluid which helps in the movement process.

In the absence of this fluid, a lot of friction will occur when the person is walking thereby resulting in a lot of pain. When a person grows older the cartilage also begins to find it hard to retain water.

It is therefore necessary to find something that will adequately cushion the joint. What is needed for this is the supplement glucosamine. Glucosamine, as the supplement has the ability to produce a synovial fluid which is thick and gelatinous.

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Ginkgo Biloba – Improving Your Memory and Circulation

Ginkgo biloba(Live Society) Ginkgo biloba, not to be confused with the incorrect spelling, ginko biloba, is the world's oldest known tree species, and has been cultivated in China, Japan and Korea for ages. It is highly valued in these cultures from the use of the plant leaf as the symbol of a Japanese Tea Ceremony school to the use of the plant itself as the national tree of China.

Its culinary uses are varied: in China, the nuts are used in congee while in Japan, they are added to chanwanmushi or simply cooked and eaten alone. Beyond the plant's culinary uses and cultural value however, are its benefits to health and medicine.

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How Can Resveratrol Help Improve Your Life?

resveratrolIn 2006, a new medical supplement came out that was supposed to help everyone live a longer and healthier life. It was an antioxidant supplement called Resveratrol. When the Resveratrol supplement first came out, everyone wanted to get their hands on it but the results were not quite what they expected.

This happened because it was new and there were still studies being conducted and not all off the risks and benefits had yet been ironed out. Therefore, the sales of Resveratrol began to decline and it was not heard of quite as much after a while.

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Vitamin A – Maintaining Your Good Vision and Health

Vitamin A(Live Society) There are two kinds of vitamins according to solubility. Fat-soluble vitamins include Vitamin A, D, E, and K while water-soluble vitamins include Vitamin B complex, and Vitamin C. Vitamin A is the common name used to refer to retinol, retinaldehyde and retinoic acid, all of which are biologically active substances.

For normal vision, the most important form of Vitamin A is 11-cis retinaldehyde (or simply retinal) whereas for normal growth and development, the form needed is retinoic acid. On the other hand, retinol is involved in reproduction.

Uses and Benefits of Vitamin A

The main function of this vitamin is the maintenance of clear vision. When absorbed by the retina, this vitamin binds to the rods and cones and undergoes a series of biochemical reactions that stimulate the optic nerve.

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Vitamin B – Types and Benefits to the Body

B complex(Live Society)The Vitamin B complex consists of thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), pyridoxine (B6), and folate (B12). This complex is very important in the maintenance of normal body functions.

Vitamin B1: Thiamine.

Thiamine can be found in beef, pork, legumes, whole grains, yeast and nuts. Alcoholism and cancer can cause thiamine deficiency. Prolonged thiamine deficiency causes beriberi.

The wet beriberi has associated cardiovascular manifestations including an enlarged heart, peripheral edema, peripheral neuritis and congestive heart failure.

Dry beriberi is seen in patients with peripheral neuropathy and one common observation from these patients is that they encounter difficulty when trying to rise from a squatting position.

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