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Benefits of Weightlifting For Just 20 Minutes on Your Brain

Posted On Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:28

It is amazing what a short exercise routine can do for your brain. (Look at the video at the end of the article)

It has always been known that weightlifting is very beneficial for overall health, from relieving stress to building muscle mass, but new research suggests that the benefits of weightlifting extend to the brain and that a short workout routine of as little as 20 minutes can improve your long-term memory and increase it by as much as 10%.

In a written statement Lisa Weinberg, a graduate student of the Georgia Institute of technology, said that "our study indicates that people don't have to dedicate large amounts of time to exercise in order to give the brain a boost."

As part of the study, researchers lined up a series of 90 photographs on a computer screen and asked 46 healthy adults to try to remember as many as possible. After the first part of the test half of the participating members worked out on a leg extension machine doing 50 reps, and the other half just rested and did not do any physical activity. The researchers then took samples of saliva from each of the participating members.

After two days, the subjects that took part in the in the experiment were asked by researchers to look at a set of 180 photographs, which included the 90 previous photographs. But the twist was that this time around the experiment participants were asked to try and remember which photographs they had already seen in which one where new.

What the research found was that while the people didn't do any exercise remember only about 50% of the photographs they had seen, the people that had exercise could easily remember 60% or better of the photographs they had seen.

Previous research conducted with an older group of men and women also found that just a small amount of time spent working out improves memory, and that this improvement is tied to the exercise-induced release of stress hormones, mainly the hormone norepinephrine. Some of this hormones have been found by scientists to play a role in memory. In the study conducted by Lisa Weinberg, those people that had exercise had higher amounts of the hormone norepinephrine in their saliva samples.

The results of the studies are very exciting and it suggest that even small amounts of exercise will have many benefits on the brain and memory.

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The full study is published in the Journal Acta psychological HERE



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