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Choosing an Exercise Machine

Posted On Wednesday, 13 July 2016 11:28

Going to the sporting goods store for a new workout machine can be overwhelming with all of the choices. There are a lot of factors that you may be thinking of when choosing an exercise machine to buy such as which one will get you the best workout or which one won’t leave you feeling like you got hit by a bus. The most important question you need to ask yourself however is which one will you actually use?

Choosing a Machine


The treadmill is the most common exercise machine and every gym is littered with them. It is also a popular option for home as it is easy to use and you can get a good workout from it. You can also vary your level of workout by increasing or decreasing your speed and incline.

The treadmill may seem like a good choice but isn’t right for everyone especially those who are overweight and those who suffer from joint pain. When walking normally, the impact forces are almost 4 times your weight. Walking on a treadmill may reduce the impact slightly seeing as it is moving under you but if it doesn’t feel right, find another machine to use.

Elliptical Machines and Stair Steppers

Ellipticals and stair steppers are a little easier on your joints and can still give you a good workout. Since you are using these machines standing up, you are using a lot of muscle mass and still burning a good amount of calories. Machines with the arm components are also very good and can help you burn more calories.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes have the least impact on your joints seeing as your body weight is not a concern as it is with the previous machines. But to avoid strain on your joints you need to make sure the bike is adjusted to your body properly.

To adjust your seat height, put your foot on the pedal and make sure there is only a slight bend in your knee when sitting on the bike. If you sit too low your knees will flex too much as you pedal and can put a lot of pressure on them. You also won’t allow your leg to go through the full motions which means you won’t burn as many calories.

Rowing Machines

Some people may think that rowing machines only provide an upper-body workout but they are actually advanced cardio machines. Rowing requires coordination because you must push with your legs as you pull with your arms. You also need to use your core abdominal muscles to support your back.

The rowing machine will help you burn a lot of calories seeing as it works many different muscles but this is not a machine for beginners or those who are unfit. It can be very uncomfortable if you are unfit and the extra weight can cause back pain.

When choosing an exercise machine, make sure it feels right. If you have joint problems avoid the treadmill and go for the stationary bike or if you are a beginner or unfit stay away from the rowing machine. Remember that using more muscles means you will burn more calories but if you are a beginner using more muscles mean you will get tired faster and end up burning less. Start out light and build your way up.

Consumer's report on choosing an exercise machine.

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