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Weight training for women, Is it good?

Posted On Thursday, 14 July 2016 10:51

Generally women attend a gym only to use the cardio equipment, and on no account think about using the weights. Most of them never get visible outcomes in their pursuit for a fitter and healthier body.

When women are asked the reason why they don't train with weights the standard reply they give is "I don't want to get bulky".

This article helps clarify why women should not dodge weight training and why weight training for women is in reality appropriate.

 Will it give you a less feminine appearance.

Women and female athletes should not be anxious at the notion weight training. Generally women believe that if they training with weights, this will give them a somewhat less feminine appearance. This is a very common erroneous belief .

The reason why this is not true it's very simple - A woman's body don't create the quantities of hormones, necessary for excessive muscle development . In fact even the majority men don't.

In order for female athletes to develop noticeable muscle bulk , they would need to resort to pharmaceuticals which considerably augment their anabolic hormone levels. Without this substances female athlete using weights will mostly just tone up their bodies because of loss of body fat and the gain of some muscle mass.

In fact, even men who train at a normal level will almost never build up muscle mass in excess, even though they naturally manufacture the hormone testosterone in their bodies.

The level of testosterone typically produced by women is only one tenth of the testosterone produced by men. So, the probability a female athlete will have results similar to what a ordinary male athlete could have are in truth diminutive . So we have covered the unlikelihood of excessive muscle mass in women as a result of normal weight training.

So why is weight training appropriate for women?

The main reason why women should train with weights is that it will augment the percentage of lean muscle mass. More lean muscle mass in turn will boost the metabolic rate. What this means for women is that the more muscle mass they have, the more fat their bodies will naturally, this holds true not just for the duration of the exercise but also all through the day.

This is what it means for women.For every pound of lean muscle mass gained, a person will burned 30 extra calories per day. Even though 30 calories may sound insignificant, this translate to 3 pound of fat burned over the length of a year.

By now the value of maintaining your muscle mass while attempting to lose weight should be clear . In fact women should not only maintain it, but even seek to build more, to help blaze the surplus fat in a faster way. So don't be scared to acquire some expected muscle mass.

Benefits of weight lifting

The supplementary benefits of weight lifting are not limited to just weight loss. As we all appreciate, there are many more. Just keep in mind this points..

  • - More muscle mass will protect bone health.
  • - Will make women stronger.
  • - Women will cultivate better body mechanics
  • - Exercise is a excellent way to blow off steam and ease stress.
  • - When women start to see their bodies change , their self esteem improves.

So women, don't be scared by weight training, it is not going to make you very muscular, it's not possible , and your physiological makeup will not allow it.

So do all you can to build additional lean muscle. By doing so you will enhance the quantity of calories used during different physical activity and during the day as well.

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