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Your diet and nutrition: are you an emotional eater?

Posted On Thursday, 14 July 2016 10:58

Maintaining a healthy diet is not easy at all. These days we have our grocery stores lined up with so many junk food and unhealthy but delicious things like fries, burgers, ice-cream, chocolates, and other products that are loaded with calories and we just can’t seem to stay away from them.

This really makes it so difficult for people to keep a good watch on their diet and ensure they eat a balanced and healthy diet. But more than that one of the biggest reasons why people fail to maintain good nutrition and a healthy diet is because they are emotional eaters.

Are you an emotional eaters?

Emotional eaters are those people who take out all their anger and stress on food by eating loads of junk food when they are feeling low. This is why junk food is often given the name of comfort food because it is supposed to comfort you when you are sad but in the long run it will make you even more depressed when your body will explode with fat.

People who are emotional eaters find it really difficult to enjoy a stable weight and keep fit. Problems and worries are a part of life and if you keep on letting yourself overeat every time you down, you will only end up gaining a lot of weight and fat.

Keeping a journal

If you feel that you have this problem you need to start keeping a journal in which you should right down every meal you have in the day and mention along with it the state of mind you were when you had that meal. Where you feeling tired, sad, energetic, happy, depressed, or lonely? By the end of the week or month you should have a look at your journal and you will be shocked by the number of times you overate or ate unhealthy only because you felt a certain way.

To gain more benefit from this, try giving more time to your journal by also recording the events that happened during the day which led you to eat wrong food. Analyze whether those events where good or bad? Did you end up eating more than you normally would because of that incident? Once you are able to detect a pattern in your eating habits in relation to the incidents that happen in your life you will be able to pinpoint the main source of your weight gain. This will help you to control yourself better next time when something similar happens.

The trick is to deal with problems in a better manner without letting things get to your head. This is also a form of mind control. Those people who can master mind control can literally achieve anything, including doing away with emotional eating. It’s all about telling yourself how to remain calm and happy with whatever your situation is so that you do not end up damaging yourself with your own hands by over eating too much which can then later in life cause many health problems.

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